In the era of “thin beauty”, it is actually not friendly for microves, and it is more exciting to dress up. Choosing the style of clothing is limited, and the shape is also frequently turned around. It is not more fattening, especially when driving the workplace is more difficult.

How to control the workplace?


In general, clothing version of the garment applied to the workplace is more complicated, so the microves women want to put the workplace to wear a thin effect, except

Selected style color


Pay attention to match



Use accessories

Weaken the body’s sense, and enrich the styling level can also look less fat.

Meng Liangzhou is a typical sluggish figure, but her “appearance style” seems to be strong and not fat, it can be said that it is a model of microves and women’s workplace.


Next, let’s take a look at the workplace from the Montelihood. What kind of skills and fashion doors can you learn?

How does the workplace all black?

Middle-aged women’s workplace is the most common is black, low saturation color color will not give people a strong visual impact, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

The only place is to expose age, so “pay attention to match” is critical.

Black coat with black dress,

“Internal Foreign Minister”


Suitable increases the skin’s skin care area, breaking the monotone and dullness of color, and also more advanced.

The same color belt is perfectly divided into the proportion of upper and lower body body

The overall achievement is high, and the foot is full of high heels.


For the microves, it is very friendly, using the single product of different style attributes, properly modified the body line can also be thin. Black long-sleeved shirt plus the same color vest,

Using the fluffy tailor effect of the vest, covering the fat

And combined with the black skinny principle integral body proportion look more coordinated.


Black tends to be traditional conservative, want to improve the bright spot, can join the bright color series to make the overall look more fashionable

. Black waist coils, tighten the waistline shaping effect better, as for the length of the skirt in the thigh position, increase the legacy of the legs and thin. Wear purple printed silk scarf elegant atmosphere, so that the inconspicuous black workplace is more advanced.

How to choose money and match in the workplace dress?

Summer workplace is naturally inseparable from the skirt, and for the micro-fat women,

Skirt preferred coil skirt


. The integrated design does not need to consider how to match, use the advantage of the version to create a linear body ratio and achieve a significant measure. Detail design can not be ignored,

Doll collar, V collar


Waist tailor

It can improve the shaping effect.

Most women are in order to shape the proportion of three or seven points, and they will put them under the skirt waist and improve the waistline divide the body ratio with the “Sai Yixi” details.

For micro-fat women, do not need to deliberately emphasize the waistline when wearing a half skirt, you can match the loose medium long top, cover the waist, buttocks, the same is true.

The suit is like a movie, saving a lot of skill problems in matching, as long as the style can create a stylish advanced workplace shape. Barbie sleeve dress, overall

Small wind

Design a woman’s taste,

Short-top tops, V-led, bright waistline, more thin

, The package hip skirt uses a double-layer design, and the details have emphasized the fashion sensation.


How should you take a workplace shawl?

Applies to the accessories of women’s workplace, although it is not as rich as men, but the shawl’s appearance is high.

“Take the sweater as a shawl”

Weaked the visual expansion of striped shirts,

Playing the shoulder a certain modification effect

. The lower body is mixed with dark pants, highlighting the legs to create simple and exquisite workplace.


Of course, the selection of shawl is also very important.

In the case of the ALL BLACK style, it can be preferred to select color saturation, and the stylish shawl is strong, which can also enhance the visual effect, and can break the monotonous and dull of the whole black shape.


. The black is contracted, and the bright color shawl expansion visual, the overall effect does not expose the body short board.

Fashion summary:


The micro-fat woman wants to drive a good workplace, first we must understand the short board and the advantage, then make a selection, match, through the “long-term” wear, let the body proportion look more coordinated.

Secondly, the workplace wear a lot of high saturation color, easy to expand the visual, more fat, with darkness, can be partially bright colored.

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