In the rural market, there is always a group of floats. These people walked into the north, walked the streets, leaving their figure in my country, and the three-flowers sold, mostly related to the production life. The price is not expensive, and it is popular with the people. For example, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival will go back to his hometown. When you see someone in the town, you will see someone selling the leather belt, as long as 10, large 20. The bulkboard next to the booth is clearly written, and the fake is lost.


So, is this cedar belt true?

In fact, this kind of leather belt sold on the market is basically fake, mostly made of artificial leather, but many people like to buy, and willing to buy.

On the one hand, it is durable for a long time.

I bought one I have spent 15 yuan, I haven’t broken it for more than two years. For farmers, leather bags are tied, do not need to pay attention to the drain, and don’t need to spend a lotus. As long as it is durable.

Of course, there are also some liars, using mobile sales, play a shot of a strategy to sell some fakes. Even if people are deceived, I want to go back and find people. But those who sell kraft belts all year round will generally don’t do this. Many long-lasting hawker business, more attention to reputation and integrity. This is the basis of their survival. If this is destroyed, they can’t survive on the small town.

Rural set is a relatively traditional closed place, which is good, which product is cheap, which product is fake, everyone basically knows. After all, the hometown of the township, it is only one if there is no two, as long as I defraud one, I will let everyone know.

So, although everyone knows that this is not a real leather belt, he is durable, and the farmers are not true, they will buy it.

On the other hand, the price is selling particularly cheap

. If it is a true leather belt, the price is too expensive. Don’t say those brands, a tens of thousands of dollars are nothing. But there is no peasant to spend such a big money to buy a true leather belt.

Therefore, there is a cowhide bag in the rural market, a cowhide bag is their first choice. As long as it is easy to use, the price is cheap, everyone will not pay attention to it is true.


In the rural market, many goods are like this, and the goods are cheap is the primary standard for farmers’ choices. This is because farmers’ income levels are relatively limited, and it is relatively saved in terms of eating wear, as long as they are all right, the brand has not been taken into account. As some years in the past few years, some drinks popular in the rural market are two three-three brands, and even some unknown brands, but the market is still very hot, there are many people.

Nowadays, the rural population is serious, and the lively scene of the past is difficult to appear again. In addition, in the development of online shopping, the rural set trees have become more and more depressed. People who really buy cow belts on the market have become less and less.


My relatives have opened a small selling department in the rural town of Rural Town. In the past, I have been very good, especially the New Year’s Eve, I am too busy, as long as we have to help at home. But these two years, the business is much worse, and even a thousand feet can be used. Even when I was in New Year, I only had two busy time.

Relatives said that it can only be taken out to work in this way. Because the business is getting worse, there are fewer and fewer buyers, and there is nothing to see on the market. This is perhaps a microcosm of the rural market.

All in all, the leather belts trafficking in the rural intersection is certainly not a true leather, but the reason why the farmers are willing to buy, because it is very strong, and the price is cheap. Even if I used it for a year, I went to buy a one. Anyway, as long as 10 pieces of 20 pieces, it is not a pity.


Do you have any cow belts in rural markets? What do you think of this? Is there a decline in the rural market-based market? Welcome to your message, thank you for reading.