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In the case of only 4m2 ultra-mini space, how do you design to satisfy the owner?

Children’s room case real shot size

Next, play our singular thinking and create a supercupural princess room.

Small but complete



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Real shot case design renderings: studio Deng Jialiang designer

▲ None friends often look at my video should know my small space secret weapon –


However, only 4m2 small space can certainly have it. If you enter a small step, you can enter your tatami bed, the small space of the small space is used to place a cotton and is like a debris.

Socket small artifact


▲ bedside

With mobile phone bracket, USB interface, let you charge super convenient, ready to go online.


▲ How can the fifteentity do not have a wardrobe? do not worry! Wardrobes are tail in bed, just raise


Let the leg space can be spacious. (PS: If there is a mattress, you need to determine your mattress height in advance)

▲ Wardrobe is made


, According to demand regulation, let you put clothes more convenient!

Learning area

▲ Princess


Can not be less, let the little princess develop a good habit of learning from small! Wall full use of design

Hanging cabinet

, Put this exercise, easy to take!

▲ Learning table socket design

Switch socket


Reduce the plug, let the children learn under full lights, protect their eyesight!

air conditioner

▲ and so on …

I haven’t put it, I will see it! In the air-conditioned half of the cabinet, it will not be blown to the head, neither worrying that the headache can save space!

The above is the main design of this case, and white with pink tune furniture is more warm and cute. Next is a decoration tip ~


Decoration Tips: How do I remove formaldehyde?

High temperature day opens the fan to make the room air natural flow, which saves money and effective!

Wait, don’t go! There is also a little egg!

About children’s room decoration design, there are still many points to pay attention to, you must pay more attention when renovation!

1, furniture security issues

1 Children’s housing needs to do a round design, a family of furniture, which is recommended to use a collision strip or a preventive angle.


2 The cabinet door is hinged with damped buffered doors and prevents the switch to the door.

3 Try not to put the weight in the upper cabinet, so as not to fall into the injury.


4 To check the firmness of all furniture in the room, prevent the cabinet from climbing down, causing an accident.

5 closed cabinets must have ventilation ports to prevent children from hiding in playing and hide, causing suffocation.

2, ground decoration details

While the ground is flat and less steps, it is not too smooth to prevent the child from running.

3, furniture environmental issues


Furniture should reach the country’s highest environmental level E1, in addition, the materials used in the decoration may also contain certain formaldehyde, so the decoration must be more open, and it is best to ventilate and then let the baby stay in.

4, window security issues

When the child is still small, the window must add the railing. The children like to climb, and there is a lot of accidents that will not occur. This tragic news reports a lot. The curtains don’t choose a roller rope, and the bear kids are in the junction of the neck, there will be certain safety hazards. It is important to note that some blinds are easy to scratch.


5, noise harassment problem

Pay attention to the sound insulation of the windows, the door, the child’s sound insulation, the child is in the stage of the body, and the good sleep environment is very important. The windows can be used in double-layer hollow laminated glass windows or plastic steel flat-sealing windows, which can isolate 70% to 80% noise outside the window.

6, room power problem

The child is still unbelievable, and there is a position of the power socket must be installed.

Regarding children’s room decoration precautions, do you have more additional supplements? Welcome to leave a message in the message area!


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Children’s room case real shot size



Real shot case design renderings: studio Deng Jialiang designer

Real shot case design renderings: studio Deng Jialiang designer

Socket small artifact

air conditioner