Foreword: the history of vertical drifting

In the 1980s, vertical floating drivers were introduced to mainland China with Taiwan, and the floating drifts were usually 7 softened floats. In the past 30 years of development, the number of drifting drifting has a major change. 7 is no longer a standard of floating drifting. At present, the most popular float appliances are between 7 messets to 19 megadownload. At 7 points, it is defined as ultra-short tail floating drifting, and the number of drifting points is greater than 19. It can be defined as a super long pair drift. Today, can be purchased, the number of drifting is at least 3 mesh, and can reach 30 mesh.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

Cardiology and balance of floating drift

If the design of the drifter is not as you want, when the fisherman is thrown into the water, the floating session will be lying in the water, and the floating drift will float, and the floating drift will stand up from the state of the horizontal. That is to say, the floating drift can only work normally in a state of standing.

Therefore, when designing floating drifting, you must fully consider the center of gravity of float. If you will be too long and the feet is too short, then floating drift will appear “Heart and light”, it is difficult to turn over the water. Standing, such floating drifting is no practical.

After floating into the water, it is only the most basic requirement. After the floating drift is standing, it must ensure high stability, especially in some complicated waters, wind waves and all around Small butter fish may make floating drifts. Therefore, a floating drifting must pay enough attention to the gravity and balance problem, once the center of gravity of floating drift is unreasonable, the characteristics of poor balance in the process of use, even if this floating drift is There is no significance of work harder.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

  • Long tail must be a long foot

To ensure that the floating drift is easy to roll up, and there is a high stability during the fishing process, it is necessary to avoid the center of gravity of floating drifts. The center of gravity can be met, the center of gravity can meet the use requirements. So, if the drifting of floats is long, then at least with the same length, the center of gravity will be on.

Don’t think that all floats will strictly consider the center of gravity of floating drift in the process of design. I have bought two 15-point long-tail float. Since the feet is too short, floating floating in the process of use It is very difficult, especially when the focus is higher, this defect is more obvious. Therefore, everyone is necessary to consider the length of the long and floating gravity of the floating float.

  • Long feet do not have a long tail

The drifting of floats is not required to be proportional, and the longer floating drift can still be used with a short tail, because as long as the drift is longer, it is possible to avoid floating drifting. At the center of the center of gravity, it will not only have a negative impact on the practicality of floating drift, but also improve the practicality of floating drift in some specific waters, so that floating drifting is more stable during work.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

Application of drifting long in the fishing process

The reason why the drifting drifting is designed to be different, different lengths, is to make fishing more targeted, whether it is a few short-tailed floating floats, there are many long-tail floats, Its specific use.

  • Applicable environment for long-tail floating drift

Long-tail floating floats are more practical in a small area of ​​water, and the usefulness in the competitive pool is smaller. Due to the smaller water area, the water bodies do not have fluidity, and therefore the long tail floating float is less stable. It is not too high.

In addition, black pits and fish in the competitive pool are high, and it is prone to the underlying fish to float, and the long-tail floating drift can increase floating drift, which is convenient for capturing the signal generated when the fish is separated.

Finally, in the black pit and fishing in the competitive pool, it will limit the length of the fishing rod, so that it can be farther than using a drifting and a long floating drift. At present, the regular fishing competition is 50 cm for floating lotus, so all the players participating in the competition will use 48 to 50 cm float, and some people will use short-tail float drift, which is also to ensure that their fishing is not Too much, otherwise the probability of fish bite will be greatly reduced.

  • Applicable environment for short-tailed float

The biggest advantage of short-tailed float is high stability, so it is more suitable for use in natural waters. Compared to black pits and competitive pools, the natural waters are larger, and the water will have obvious fluidity under the action of the wind, and the water in the river is a normally, such a fishing environment is more complicated, and the floating drift is stable. Sexual requirements are also higher.

In addition, the number of small butter fish in the natural waters is more, and these small butter fish will not be old and old, more are moving near the water, so that small butter fish will easily hit float, once floating drifting If the stability is poor, it will have a serious impact on the normal work of floating drift.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

Ultra-short tail and small eyes: two special floating drifting in fishing

With the rapid development of fishing technology, the exploration of the fishing people on some difficult fishes is increasing. Therefore, it was born with a very weird ultra-short-range float and ultra-long tail floating float. Such a floating drifting is no use in conventional fish, but it can effectively apply some extreme fish.

  • Ultra short tail: lead-free self-lifting drift

The traditional vertical floating lotus can be turned over to stand in the water because the floating drift is connected to the pendant, and when the floating force generated by the floating force and the gravity of the lead range are superimposed to each other, the float can be placed in water. However, lead-free self-reliance is completely separated from the bondage of the lead, because the use of 3 mesh to 5 destination is super short-tail design, and the bleak is drastically, the center of gravity of lead-free self-reliance is obvious, even if there is no column The impact of gravity, floating drift can also stand in water.

The characteristics of lead-free self-reliant floating super short-tail plus ultra-long feet will make the floating drift a sharp decrease, and because of the lack of lead pendants, it is impossible to set the floating lottery, so such floating lotings can only be used to fish. Especially when fishing in the black pit, the use of lead-free self-reliant floating allows the hook bait to stay in front of the floating drift, caught farther in this way, attracting a highly high big fish bite.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

  • Ultra-long tail: small snap drift

Common floats per eye length is approximately 1.5 cm to 2 cm, while small strain float is only 0.8 cm to 1 cm. Therefore, in the same case of drifting length, the number of small shred floats It will be more, more dense. Ordinary floating drifting, the number of scole points can reach 23, in the same case of the rope length, the small shred floating can reach 30 points.

Small broken objectives are mainly to adapt to the need for fishing, avoiding some weak floating drift signals. Therefore, small fragments can play an important role in the black pit fishing squid, roconi, etc. Be the first choice.

In addition, the ultra-tailed small cracks can also increase the trip of floating drift, which is convenient to capture the off-site interface signal. This feature also has a wide range of application space when fishing in the black pit and the competitive pool.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short

Suggestions for fishing beginners: choose floating, short

Although there is a unique advantage of long and ultra-long tail drifts, it is possible to cope with more complex fish, but at the same time, long-term floating floats are far less like short-tail floating floats in terms of stability. For fishing beginners, more is fishing in natural waters, due to the more complex, long and long tail floating fidses, will be more prominent. In addition, the fishing knowledge of fishing beginners and the basic work is not yet mature, and it is difficult to use long-tail floats and ultra-long tail floats. Therefore, it is recommended that fishing beginners should still try to use 7 mesh to 15 destination, with the gradual improvement of fishing, and start contact with long-tail and ultra-long floating float.

Choosing the elements of floating drifts: from 3 to 30 mesh, drifting long and short