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After the opening, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities panic fell, with the bottom of the fall, the two men competed fierce, this is like two people in the early spring, one wearing a cotton jacket, a short sleeve, two people smile, cross each other SB .

Today’s situation, it is obviously more than a slightly dominant, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities have also have a long-lost Zhongyang line. Is it really multi-party win? The market really starts to reverse?

Don’t make trouble, just give you a chance to lose the position, want to reverse your emotions? Hold on

Today, the special gold will not say good, the signing of the contract is two countries with poor reputation. Their agreement is likely to be invalidated because of the little temper. However, from the performance of Europe and the US market, it seems to be optimistic.

Say, China’s sweater battle is really over?


Too simple! Information about the central communication today:

The US Republican Senate leader is rare to the President Trump, which is scheduled to be awarded this week. This vote will overthrow the White House to resume the business of China Communications. US Commerce Minister Rose rose in the mountains, against this motion. But the two members said that it has been consistent in the “National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA) to join a amendment, the amendment will prohibit ZTE from purchasing components from the US supplier. Seniors expect NDAA to vote through Congress voting and ultimately signed as laws.

It seems that ZTE has a long way to go. ZTE is the chip of the two parties. It has repeatedly turned into an uncertainty factor, then the United States should pay for China’s trade list will “super expectations” Woolen cloth? Too many uncertain may support A share of large rebound. What’s more, unicorn, CDR, etc. are constantly blood.

The market is not good, the best is best for the subject, it is clear that the unicorn CDR is the main line, the World Cup, and the restructuring is a secondary line.

The well-deserved faucet, said that there will be a lot of differences today, and the afternoon is divided into four boards. Happy Coast Continue to lock. The restructuring of the Siaxia Automobile, the education attribute began to radiate, the deep treasure of the restructuring concept A sealed two panels early, and there was a smooth communication with the wind, Bao Bao puzzle, etc., the positive wisdom of the education industry. At this time, the deep treasure A is a deep-cold shares.

In addition to the leading market is extremely panic, especially the top of the top, the dying will be very miserable, like Yesterday, the Xin Tian Technology today is dry down. Because of this recent, there is a inexplicable fear of high-level stocks, and I will have some stocks that can be on the two board card.

Baidu CDR faucet road smooth technology, because the West China shares did not dare to open, the leader opened, the later younger brother is a spark net of the Amoy stock, the other is the possible card that I said last night. Skyworth is the first to impact the daily limit, which drives the road smooth technology seal. The number of invitasted watches was obviously sacrificed, and the Star Nets took the leading road smooth technology seal. The road smooth technology from the plate is gradually putting into the volume from a plate. It is all the entity Yang line. All the way is put into the volume, if you have already started to speed up the board before, Lu Chang Technology will open a new high in tomorrow. Today, the little partner is taken now.

Today’s theme emotional hero should be the Yueling Shares of auto parts. The first super fallback rebound in the afternoon, although he did not have a car accessory to the wind, but he took the lead in driving the subject of oversold rebound emotions. Recalling the previous Guangdong Junya, it is also the first to rebound in the situation of the wind, then the wretched two boards.

During my school, we often remember two people, one is the first place, the other is the first place.

Dragon Follow: Yaxia Automobile, Jing Chang Technology

Targeting: Yueling Shares, Xing Net, deep treasure a

Yueling Shares is the first ultrafell rebound to the afternoon, and drive the market emotions; the star Net 宇 is the first plus on the first volume of Baidu CDR, and drive Baidu CDR emotions; deep treasure A is affected by Summer The price is rising to impact three boards tomorrow.

Low-absorbent: Mean San Shares rushed to hurt, Xin Tian Technology newly added low-absorbing standard.

Tips: This article is to record personal operation experience, write down its understanding of the market emotional changes, does not constitute “blowing”, “recommended shares”, etc., do not follow.

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