Chen Xiaochun secretly gave his wife to buy a ring, and the loving couples undoubtedly … Well, this makes the little fish say it? The pet wife is also sneaked, it is also hot, this is really happening.

I believe that everyone understands how many truths are in the entertainment circle, and how much is the union, true and false, fake vacation is really true, like a dream.


The couple used two people who love to play love. After getting married, you should have a lot of convergence, and I have been working hard to create my own personality, and the people who love the husband, and Chen Xiaochun is happy to cooperate. After the scene, the two are like a glue, the eyes collide, and the affection is …

The audience is touched by their love! ! They also think it is like this. But is it possible? Don’t forget that Chen Xiaochun has a “white moonlight”! After marriage, he converged, but he couldn’t live in a friend. He is also old acquaintance with the Hong Kong singer who has recently turned into the car. As for the stealing, it is really unknown. But you should be afraid!


She is also a machine, quickly planning a wave of pet-wife play, but also overridden two people’s classic proposal scenes, putting the “loving couple”, every scene is deeply rooted. Netizens can’t help but sigh: this damn love!

Zhang Yimou’s wife took a photo of the eldest son recently, and he preheated a good image of a big son and is handsome, and has a good image of an outstanding person. What should you do with such a good image? Avoid! Although he was praised to pass the old father’s director gene, he also received some awards in a city student film festival, but the industry understood and did not buy.

This wave of war is of course to open a popularity first, and then carry out his performance circle career. Say, the nearest star second generation is very active, the son, the son, the daughter of the chef … said, the entertainment circle, there are parents paving the road, the second generation, if it is Can be big red, high salaries. No more you can mix a heat and face, is more than ordinary people, who doesn’t feel it? Am I right?


“First Furnace” is a broadcast after broadcast. The rating is 5.9, and it will go down later, and the two polarifications are serious. Exquisite is excellent in the production of scenes and props, as well as Mr. Teacher’s acting; low score is the essence of the orthodontics and the script.

The production group saw that the release was not good, and quickly gave a new network, and strive to return funds. This is also complained about Ma Si pure and others, and Ma Sch is completely uncomfortable. She cares about her boyfriend. Amazing movies are not important.

I am a small fish, everyone has something to talk about the small things, you can comment together, thank you for your support.